Artwork Services

Fine Art Services


Wallack’s offers professional conservation consultation for all artwork. Our conservators all have specific areas of expertise ensuring optimum results for all types of artworks, including oils on canvas or panel, artworks on paper, mixed media artworks, and sculpture in order to give you specialized expert advice and information on any piece you bring in.



Wallack Galleries offers expert hanging services for artwork in residential and commercial venues. Our professional staff members are trained in the handling of artwork and usage of the most appropriate hanging techniques for all artworks.


Crating & Shipping

Wallack’s offers professional crating of artwork. Each crate is built with the individual requirements of the artwork in mind. Wallack’s can also look after the shipping of domestic artwork for your convenience.


Pick-up & Delivery Service

Wallack’s offers a pickup and delivery service for oversized goods billed hourly and by distance.


Printing Services

Acrylic Printing

Achieve a super-vivid and bold look to your photographs with acrylic printing. Using high-quality materials with no glue or adhesive is used, the result is 100% optically pure. Create large-scale prints to fill your space- our team recommends this process for travel photography due to its high saturation and impactful effect. Printing up to 48 x 96 inches.


Aluminum Printing 

Printing work on aluminum  allows you to display your photos in perfect contrast with a luminous contemporary finish and is completely archival. With sizes up 48 x 90 inches have your works printed onto this lightweight and durable material.


Canvas Printing

Give your piece that professional finish with acid-free, archival canvas printing. Whether it is a photograph from a special occasion or a fine art piece reproduced onto stretcher bars, canvas print gives any piece dimension and effect. make a bold statement with up to 60 inches x 20 feet or more in printing sizes!


Specialized Paper Printing

Have your paper works printed on high-quality photo paper, watercolour Arches art paper, or other varieties of the most archival paper offered. 


Large Format Printing

Thinking of going big? We can help you print large format on paper or vinyl. Whether its for a conference, an exhibit, weddings or family photos- our larger format printing service can help you make an impact with bold large prints. 


Scanning and retouching

Scan and touch up your old family photos documents, art and paintings. The perfect way to archive heirlooms and antiques done by professional scanning and retouching. 


Wall & Window Decal 

Print images onto vinyl to stick to your wall. Large formats are available for bold, dramatic effects. Or stick images to windows with semi-transparency for your local business or company car.



Custom Made Artist Materials 

Mat Cutting

Explore our ready-cut mats in store in black or white or choose from various colours and quality of mat boards for a custom cut. Give your piece that finishing touch with acid-free quality mats. 


Custom Wood Panels

Wallack's offers custom sized wood panels with cradle supports. Create stunning works with wood panels up to 60 x 96 inches.


Custom Stretched Canvases

Wallack's manufactures regular style and gallery style canvas. Order your custom size to take you artwork to the next level.


Molding Supplies

Customers can build their own frames too. We offer full-length molding and materials to make your own frames at home. You can order full pieces or pieces cut to your preferred size