About Us

A History of Wallack Galleries

Wallack Galleries is situated in Ottawa, Canada. Founded in 1936 by Samuel Wallack (deceased in 1965), Wallack Galleries remains one of Canada’s oldest commercial art galleries. John Wallack assumed directorship of the gallery in 1965, and changed the gallery format to include a stable of contemporary artists rather than exclusively buying and selling works of deceased artists, and the main focus of the gallery remains so to this day.

The artists represented by the Wallack Galleries include both figurative and abstract. These artists provide a broad scope of mediums including paintings, sculptures and graphics.

The artists of the gallery maintain a high level of recognition that lends credibility to the purchasers’ investment. Most of the artists represented by Wallack Galleries are in public collections such as the National Gallery of Canada or one of the many provincial or regional museums. A number are members of important organizations such as the Royal Canadian Academy, and the Royal Academy (England).

Although the main focus of the gallery is contemporary, the gallery remains a provider to collectors of works by important deceased artists.

Through our art leasing system, Wallack Galleries has sold major works to numerous large corporations as well as professionals and individuals. Artworks have also been provided to governments as well as to regional museums for their art rental systems.

Throughout the years the reputation of the gallery has been known and respected widely by both collectors and artists. 

The gallery also provides consultation services to individuals, corporations and government bodies. These services include evaluation, restoration and conservation, crating, storage, shipping, framing and installation of fine art objects.