Pamela and Oded Ravek

We draw inspiration from the never-ending wonders of nature. We’re enchanted by the natural world of magnificent sea and land creatures. Sun-scorched deserts. Burnt sienna mountain ridges. The majestic surge of rippling sapphire waves.

 A graceful, musical curve, and a wondrous wave of colours and images flood our minds. Cutter in hand, the singular sound of scoring glass transports us to ocean, mountains, sky, and with each cut, the beauty and majesty of our world is translated into glass. As a jazz player improvises, similarly we mold a dense and rigid medium into free-flowing, light-filled original designs that shimmer with life. A visual narrative captured in glass, new depths to discover make each visual encounter unique. Like the oceans ebb and flow, mirroring the continuity of the natural world and of our relation to it, so too do we participate in this dance of give and take, never forgetting that we are infinitely connected to one another.