Michael Newman

Michael Newman

Michael Newman was born London, England in 1948 and he spent the first 52 years of his life there before emigrating to Canada in 2001.

Michael was a particularly artistically gifted student, passing his GCE O and A examinations in Art, and commencing his studies at art college, two years earlier than normal.

He completed a Foundation Course at St. Albans School of Art which lead on to 1st Class B.A Honours in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne followed by PGCE at the University of London.

Michael Newman's career progressed from Art teacher to Head of a Faculty of Art and Design and examiner of Art and Design for the University of London.  He also became a visiting lecturer in Computer Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Art in Middlesex University, London.

Whilst pursuing his career in Art Education, Michael continued to paint, exhibiting his work in a number of prestigious galleries and exhibitions including: 

The Laing Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

International Drawing Biennales, Cleveland.

The Royal Academy of Art, London.

The Mappin Gallery, Sheffield.

The Centre of England Art Prize, Royal Leamington Spa.

Arts Council of Great Britain Travelling Exhibit.

The Royal Water Colour Society, London.

The Institute of Contemporary Art, London.

 In 2001, after a 25-year career in art education Michael took early retirement and emigrated to Quebec to pursue the life of a professional artist and paint full time.

Moving to Canada brought major changes to Newman's work and he switched from figurative to abstract painting.  In his own words:

 "Although I still regularly draw and paint from a live model on a weekly basis, all my paintings since 2001 have been solely concerned with creating abstract compositions, over sometimes quite lengthy periods of time, where I have been trying to combine hard edged elements and geometrically based forms, with looser, more painterly and gestural elements and marks. "

This approach has lead to the development a unique visual style which many find intriguing and particularly expressive. Michael Newman's paintings tend to be rich in colour, and full of energy, they are multi-layered, full of pentementi, as shapes, lines and colours, have been adjusted and re-adjusted to achieve their maximum expressive potential.

Relieved from needing to support himself Michael Newman spent his first ten years in Quebec quietly developing and refining his unique abstract visual language constantly painting and destroying his work until he was finally happy with his outcomes.

Michael has exhibited his work in the Eastern Townships where he lives, at Arts Sutton Gallery, Galerie Arts Plus and at the Bruck Museum.

Michael's work has been sold on line through SaatchiArt.com. They also selected him to be featured in a specially curated collection entitled 'August Abstractions 2015'

Solo exhibition at Galerie D'Avignon, Montreal in March, 2016

Featured in an interview on ArtSquare 2016.

Recently WeKnect interviewed Michael and the interview is due to be published later this year (2017)


We are now delighted to represent Michael Newman at Wallack Galleries in Ottawa.